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Drum Tuition from beginners through to advanced using Accelerated Learning Techniques

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Your Friendly Guitar Shop in the heart of Camden Town. Guitars, Gigs and Jam Nights

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Camden Council have recently passed regulations that outlaw all unlicensed buskers and street performers in the Borough.

We believe that this is an attack on freedom of expression and part of increasing attempts to further gentrify and sanitise the borough. Ad-hoc street performers have formed a vibrant part of the culture of the area for generations and are one of the many reasons people visit here in the first place. Take away Camden’s eclecticism and you take away its heart and soul.

Click the logo below to visit Keep Streets Live and find out what you can do to get involved.

Keep Streets Live

Welcome to New Rose. Named after the iconic release that helped spawn a generation of social deviants, we are a music studio for those of you who possess the desire, passion and addiction to make a loud noise.

Based in Camden Town, we offer a bunch of Rehearsal Spaces, a Late Night Spares and Accessories Counter, Equipment Storage Bays, On-Site Backline and Instrument Hire and good coffee. Scroll down the page for all the gubbins.

The Studios

All our rooms are purpose built spaces. They've been acoustically treated, eq-ed, tuned and built on fully floating floors to minimise sound transmission from room to room and come identically equipped with 1kw p.a. systems and Mackie 12 Channel Mixing Consoles. The basic room setup comes with P.A. System and two mics. (Please ask at time of booking if you need more and we'll do our best to sort you out).

All the studios are fully air conditioned with new energy efficient climate control systems. No more sweaty rehearsals. (Unless you're perverse enough to want that kinda thing)

We keep our prices as simple and straightforward as possible with some heavy discounts being available for longer bookings.

Backline and instruments are hireable. We supply guitar amplification from the likes of Marshall, Blackstar, Peavey, Randall, Bugera and bass gear from Ampeg, Trace Elliot, Fender and Hartke. All drum kits are 5 piece Pearl Exports, which can be supplied with or without Zildjian cymbals and if you're totally stuck, we can even provide you with instruments.

Our Location

We sit in a thriving community roughly half way between Camden and Holloway. We're outside the congestion charge zone, slap, bang in the middle of 3 tube stations and right on 2 of north london's most popular bus routes. If you're driving we have off street parking for up to 6 vehicles. We're surrounded by a whole bunch of shops, cafes, delis and restaurants and just around the corner from possibly the bestest wholefoods store in north london. There's even a pub and live music venue right next door.

Spares Counter

Our spares and accessories counter carries a goodly stock of strings, sticks, picks, batteries and the usual day to day spares and accessories. We can also order just about anything else you might need for usually next day delivery. So if you need a pack of "No Way I'd Ever Even Consider Calling Them Slinkys" or something for your next rehearsal, call us up, make the order and they'll be sitting here, waiting for you when you arrive for your session. Whilst we don't profess to hold quite as much stock as a regular shop, the advantage we do have is that we are usually open form noon till midnight 5 days a week, (weekends after 6pm it's best to give us a buzz) so if you end up forgetting something on the way to the gig, drop in and the chances are we'll able to do something for you.

If you wanna know more, give us a ring on the number above or pop in for a coffee and we'll show you around and bung you some free stickers. You can also click here to trundle over to our Facebook page where you're likely to find a somewhat abstract but occasionally informative day by day account of the goings on.


Yep. After a couple of years of faffing about and one totalled mixing console, we now have a refurbished Recording Studio ready for action again. In this case, courtesy of our partners Incendiary Music.

Incendiary Music Control Room

For an all-in price of £149 per day you get access to a pretty cool setup which is specifically set up to handle live bands. Want a decent sounding "demo in a day"? It can be done. Want something more substantial? It can be done.

This deal also applies to experienced outside engineers and freelance producers. If you have a project that requires a decent live space or two, a bunch of industry standard mics and good vibe, talk to us. You may be pleasantly surprised by what we can offer you.

Mac Pro - Pro Tools/Logic - 56 Input Soundcraft console - Focusrite mic pres - Genelec Monitoring - Great Mic Selection - 3 Live Areas

If you want to know the lowdown in more detail drop an email here or call the number at the top of this page.



"I dunno why. I dunno why, I guess these things have gotta be"



All prices include P.A. and Mics. Scroll down for backline hire charges


12 Noon till 6.00pm
£6.00 per hour


Weekday Lockout Deal
* Backline includes Drum Kit, Bass Rig and up to 2 Guitar Rigs
(Cymbal packs are not included)

6.00pm till Midnight
£11.50 per hour



12 noon till Midnight
£10.00 per hour


Weekend Lockout Deal
* Backline = Drum Kit, Bass Rig and up to 2 Guitar Rigs
(Cymbal packs are not included)



Blackstar ID100 100 watt Head + 4x12" Cab
£1.50 per hour

Marshall JCM900 100 watt Head + 1960 4x12" Cab
£1.50 per hour

Marshall AVT150 150 watt Head + AVT412 4x12" Cab
£1.50 per hour

Randall RH200 200 watt Head + 4x12" Cab
£1.50 per hour

Peavey Valve King 100 watt Head + 4x12" Cab
£1.50 per hour

Bugera 333XL 120 watt Head + 412H 4x12" Cab
£1.50 per hour

Line 6 HDII modelling 120 watt 2x12" Combo
£1.50 per hour

Trace Elliot GP12 350 watt 4x10" Bass Combo
£1.50 per hour

Trace Elliot GP11 350 watt 4x10" Bass Combo
£1.50 per hour

Ampeg SVT350T 350 watt 2x10" Bass Combo
£1.50 per hour

Hartke HA3500 350 watt Head + VX410 4x10" Cab
£1.50 per hour

Fender BXR300C 300 watt 1x15" Bass Combo
£1.50 per hour

Line 6 LD300 300 watt modelling 1x15 " Bass Combo
£1.50 per hour

Pearl Export 5 Piece Drum Kit + Hardware (Kick Pedal, 1 x Hi-Hat Stand, 1 x Boom Cymbal Stand, 1 x Straight Cymbal Stand)
(Extra Stands available on request)
£2.50 per hour

Cymbal Packs
20" Ride
16" Crash
14" Hi Hats
£1.50 per hour __________________________________________


Gibson Epiphone SG
£1.50 per hour

Fender Squire Strat
£1.50 per hour

Hohner Les Paul
£1.50 per hour

Gibson Epiphone SG
£1.50 per hour

Fender Squire Precision Bass
£1.50 per hour

Yamaha CS1X 5 Octave Multi Timbral Keyboard
£1.50 per hour

(All Backline and Instrument Hire is Subject to Availability. If you require a specific piece of equipment please request it at the time of booking and we'll do our best to accommodate).




£16.00 per week











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Contemporary singing lessons in North London for all ages, styles and abilities